Wryneck Rye

A typically spicy rye IPA, the brew is complemented perfectly by Cascade and Nugget hops in the boil, and dry hopped with Chinook for that classic US west coast Rye IPA flavour.
With its medium-intense floral, citrus and grapefruit tones, Cascade is an all-in-one floral and spicy hop, and very popular in craft brewing. Cascade combines well with the earthy and herbal tones of Nugget.
Despite these massive hop additions, due to the spiciness of the rye the lateness of the additions and the strength of the beer, they do not overpower the flavour. Instead, they meld the flavours together exquisitely to give a wonderfully balanced beer.

Style: Rye IPA

Taste Profile: 

ABV%: 5.6%

OG: 1057

Lead Hop: Cascade and Nugget



Hampton Beer Festival 2017 – Second “Beer of the Festival”

Kingston Beer Festival, 2018 – Third